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Anyone who knows me, knows that …

I’m NUTS about squirrels!

Over the past week we have had several squirrels visiting our feeder. They create quite a disruption to our school day, as we keep having to stop and take pictures & videos of them. But that’s ok, I wouldn’t want it any other way! These little critters are just so darn fun to watch.

Once, we even had 2 squirrels willing to share the bounty of food in our feeder. Anyone who’s familiar with squirrels knows that doesn’t happen very often. They’d just as soon chase away any other squirrel that comes near. I’m glad to have gotten a chance to get some pictures of them together.

Some of the squirrels even seem to be posing for the pictures. This little squirrel hung out at the feeder for well over 20 minutes and quite often seemed to be looking right  at us while we were taking it’s picture.

I’m going to have to keep a close eye on the feeder this winter to make sure it doesn’t run dry.  🙂

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Hank is always so good about enjoying the Christmas tree, but not destroying it. I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of him in front of the Christmas tree to share with others. Things didn’t start out the way I planned, but he finally got the idea and I got some really cute pictures of him.

The first problem I ran into was that every time I told him to sit, he would walk over and sit down beside me instead of sitting by the tree where I was pointing.

Then he got bored and tried to take a nap.

Don’t look at me like that Hank! You know what I want you to do.

Finally, after I made a trip to the kitchen and filled my pocket with milk bones, Hank seemed to get the hang of what it was that I wanted him to do.

Apparently he thinks this is his better side.

He was more than happy to pose for all the pictures that I wanted to take as long as each one was followed by a goodie.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Hank and the gang!

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